суббота, 3 января 2015 г.


Машинка вроде завелась - поедем играть, даже не знаю как будет игра проходить. Помещение слабо отапливаемое. После этой эпопеи отчитаюсь. :-)

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    1. About Phil ))) We played a little game and moved on the next day , leaving the army to rest on the table. Tested the fog of war . Austrians left under the command of British General Picton . And the French fought in alliance with the Russian . On the 7th phase of the battle the French began to put pressure on the union thoroughly Austria and Britain . Tomorrow will be the denouement. Publish a report .

    2. wow...interesting ...Picton commandering Austrians and the French commanding Russians... reminds me of empires in arms board game... looking forward to your next games report..